A heavy electric truck in test drive on the roads and in Kokkola Industrial Park

KWH Logistics and our subsidiaries Rauanheimo and Adolf Lahti Yxpila Oy Ab are part of a project, where used heavy vehicle is converted to operate fully on electric. The goal is a solution that combines zero emissions, occupational safety and resource efficiency, which is achieved by extending the life cycle of the existing vehicles. The first heavy truck converted from diesel to electric has been completed together with partners Lielahden Autokeskus Oy and Kehittämisyhtiö Keulink Oy in Keuruu.

In the conversion, the diesel engine and gearbox have been removed and replaced by an electric motor and a specially made automatic gearbox. In other words, the powertrain and it’s accessories have been converted to electrically operated. The trucks frame and main components remain unchanged. Batteries are rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Heavy truck Scania G440 4×4 (2012) is owned by Adolf Lahti, and the truck started to drive pulp loads at the Äänekoski bioproduct factory at the beginning of summer 2022. Now in March 2023 commissioning tests were carried out in road drive in Central Ostrobothnia and in industrial area with a load. If the predictions about the rapid growth of the market are correct, in 2024 there will be 200 old diesel trucks running on electricity.