Maximizing customer advantage

Customers can benefit from an exceptional competitive advantage, as we provide all logistics services under one contract. The internal chain of KWH Logistics reduces interfaces and makes operations more manageable, reliable, and cost-effective.

Our company has a strong capacity to invest in growth and development, enabling agile decision-making with a low hierarchy. With our extensive nationwide service network and global mindset, we are able to offer diverse services through the robust expertise of our subsidiaries. We are known for our effective problem-solving skills and adaptability, which have further strengthened and motivated our ownership base.

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Our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

High-quality customer service is a matter of pride for us. We listen to and understand our customers to provide them with tailored logistics solutions flexibly and promptly. Let the numbers speak!


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Customer feedback

A successful and sustainable collaboration benefiting all parties is evident in our customers. Read more feedback from our customers' experiences!

The collaboration with Blomberg has worked well from the beginning. They have taken our storage needs into account, and we’ve always found the space we needed.

Good cooperation with Rauanheimo and KWH Logistics has continued at all levels of the operation, despite the change of personnel. Because we share the same goals, it has always been easy to find common ground.

Stevena has always been reliable. They are systematic and react to changing situations quickly, which is important in terminal operations. In addition, we ideate the future openly – things are taken forward in cooperation.

A challenging equation requires good cooperation and new ideas. We are open to trying out completely new solutions. The partner, on the other hand, must have interactive ideas, a similar mindset and the ability to develop the fleet – just like Adolf Lahti.

We were seeking a company to partner with that has the expertise and capability to manage the entire product logistics of the sawmill, from the end of the production line to international transportation. With the selection of Rauanheimo, we gain access to the service and expertise potential of KWH Logistics.

Our long-lasting partnership has highlighted the parties´ roles in the transport chain and their great competence in their fields – this creates a good and reliable whole.

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