SCHWENK | Joint investments improve performance

Schwenk and Stevena’s terminal investments in Naantali increase delivery security and reduce the carbon footprint.

SCHWENK is a German family-owned company that has been manufacturing construction products for 175 years. The company’s roots in Finland date back to 1983. SCHWENK Suomi Oy is the largest cement importer, supplying high-quality binders and admixtures for the needs of the concrete industry from the terminals in Naantali, Loviisa, and Joensuu. The operations are based on confidential cooperation with customers and partners. Both customer relationships and operations are long-term. 

Long traditions in Naantali 

The cooperation between SCHWENK and Stevena, part of the KWH Logistics group, has more than 30 years of tradition. Stevena handles ship cargo and handles terminal operations and storage in Naantali. Over the years, the capacity has been steadily and moderately increasing. 

– In October, we received a new, six-thousand-tonne cement silo,’ says Jussi Thureson, Managing Director of SCHWENK Suomi Oy.  

The silo investment was made together with Stevena. In addition to capacity, Naantali has invested in technology and weighing and delivery processes. The customer can, among other things, monitor the progress of the delivery process in real time from their mobile phone. In addition, drivers can handle loading more and more independently with mobile devices, without compromising safety.  

Profitable growth 

In cement deliveries, the high quality and reliability of the product and service are absolutely important. Previously, SCHWENK imported practically one product – CEM I 52.5 N cement, which is suitable for all concrete construction. The security of supply, which is a key factor, has previously placed restrictions on the supply of several different cement grades.  

– With the new silo investments, we will be able to expand our product range without affecting delivery reliability, Thureson states.  

SCHWENK has expanded its operations in Finland, and thanks to acquisitions, it now has its own concrete production and processing of aggregates in addition to importing binders. SCHWENK is constantly investing large sums in order to be able to meet the challenges of the future. 

– During the current year, for example, about 40 million euros have been invested in the Brocen factory in Latvia to reduce the carbon footprint and to manufacture more environmentally friendly cement grades, Thureson says. The use of alternative fuels is already 95% annually, which means that we replace the use of coal almost completely in our production process. The Brocen factory is very environmentally friendly, and we are among the top three percent in Europe in this regard. 

Silo investments also reduce the carbon footprint of operations. The silos enable the delivery of more environmentally friendly products and give flexibility to shipping and delivery timings. Both processes are also speeding up thanks to the new silos.  

Mikael Bergendahl and Mika Javanainen are part of the sales and logistics staff of SCHWENK Suomi Oy.

A shared set of values 

SCHWENK and KWH Logistics are both traditional family businesses. SCHWENK’s values include health and safety, cooperation, growth, and responsibility. SCHWENK also requires its partners to uphold these values. In addition, continuous improvement is needed.  

Stevena has always been reliable,’ Thureson states. They are systematic and react to changing situations quickly, which is important in terminal operations. In addition, we ideate the future openly – things are taken forward in cooperation.

Both parties have a similar way of thinking about high-quality operations. Stevenan’s Naantali cement terminal has always been developed in close and open cooperation.  

– Investments in such unique locations are significant, says Stevena Managing Director Markku Mäkipere about the new cement silo. Whenever we talk about six- or seven-figure investments in terms of euros, the cooperation must be long-term and seamless. 

According to Mäkipere, it is also important to recognize the common goal of the operation – a satisfied end customer. Customer satisfaction is helped by the 24/7 operation of ship unloading and the terminal, and perhaps the most efficient vehicle loading in Finland. In addition, a good example of innovation and open-mindedness is the remote monitoring of the terminal, which was introduced long before the practice became common in the market.  

Schwenk Suomi Oy

SCHWENK Suomi Oy is part of the German construction products manufacturing SCHWENK group. SCHWENK Suomi Oy markets and brings high-quality cements to the Finnish market from the group’s own factory in Brocen, Latvia. Customer deliveries take place from ship terminals located in Loviisa, Naantali, and Joensuu, from which bulk cement is delivered to customers by pressure tanker trucks. 

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