Our Mission

We provide optimized logistics solutions for our customers

Our Vision

We are the leading, most trusted and efficient logistics partner focusing on innovation, sustainability and safety

Our Values

  • Customer first
    Our goal is to create value and contribute to solutions for our customers
  • Innovative Solutions
    Our Business Units are know-how leaders in their lines of business We have the ambition to become best in-class in our main processes We continuously seek and develop new business opportunities
  • Committed Employees
    We focus on well-being, motivation and creativity We give employees the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Sustainable Business
    We run our businesses in a responsible, long-term and sustainable manner
  • Effective Risk Management
    Our renewal is based on financial strength and well-balanced risk

Operating principles

  • An industrial growth company
    We are a knowledge company that focuses on expertise, professionalism and quality.
    We are a committed long-term owner aiming for growth in our businesses through our financial strength and industrial know-how.
  • Renewal through innovation
    Our subsidiaries conduct internationally competitive, knowledge-intensive and service-oriented niche business. We achieve this through digitalization and both technical and commercial innovation.
    Our business is built around unique products and processes or a unique industry position. That gives us long-term competitive advantages.