Our Mission

We provide optimized logistics solutions for our customers

Our Vision

We are the leading, most trusted and efficient logistics partner focusing on innovation, sustainability and safety

Our Values

    We maintain our knowledge so that we know what we do, we succeed in what we do and can be proud of what we have accomplished
    Transparency directs us in our activities and decisions. We foster it by sharing information openly between each other and throughout the organisation
    We take care of each other so that everyone of us each day can return home after work feeling satisfied and in good health. By carefully considering the decisions we make, we ensure continuity in our activities
    We take responsibility of our commitments and act honestly and ethically correct. We make consistent and responsible decisions

Operating principles

  • An industrial growth company
    We are a knowledge company that focuses on expertise, professionalism and quality.
    We are a committed long-term owner aiming for growth in our businesses through our financial strength and industrial know-how.
  • Renewal through innovation
    Our subsidiaries conduct internationally competitive, knowledge-intensive and service-oriented niche business. We achieve this through digitalization and both technical and commercial innovation.
    Our business is built around unique products and processes or a unique industry position. That gives us long-term competitive advantages.