More than 140 years expertise in logistics

  • 20 February 1882 Waldemar Schauman submits an application to the administration of Nikolainkaupunki (the present City of Vaasa) requesting permission to engage in business in his own name.
  • 1898 Georg Boucht, who was appointed the Managing Director of the partnership Waldemar Schauman in 1890, acquires the company.
  • 1898 The Estonian-German Eduard Trummer sets up his own agency in Vaasa, E. Trummer .
  • 1 January 1908 Lennart Backman, who had been employed by Schauman since 1888, buys  the company from Georg Boucht . Its operations continue under the name Lennart Backman.
  • 1914 Trummer’s long-time business partners Jakob Kallis and Alfred Wiklund acquire the business and continue it under the name E. Trummer & C:o Eftr.
  • 1954 E. Trummer & C:o Eftr. becomes a member of Wiik & Höglund Group (later KWH Group).
  • 1980-1983 Vaasanlaivat-Vasabåtarna (later Oy Wasa line Ab) acquired the shares of Oy Lennart Backman Ab.
  • 1988 The partnership E. Trummer & C:o Eftr. is converted into the limited company E. Trummer Ab.
  • 1 January 1989 Oy Lennart Backman Ab and E. Trummer Ab combine to form Oy Backman-Trummer Ab, that is owned 50/50 by KWH Group and Oy Wasa Line Ab.
  • 2000 KWH Group buys the remaining 50% share in the company from Oy Wasa Line Ab.
  • The following companies have joined the Group:
    • 1989 Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab and its subsidiaries (founded 1928)
    • 1997 Stevena Oy (founded 1982)
    • 2001 Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab (founded 1884)
    • 2001 Ab Kristinestads Stevedoring Oy (founded 1950)
    • 2009 Oy Adolf Lahti Ab (former Kokkolan Lastaus Oy, founded 1993)
    • 2011 Talavuo Oy (founded 1993)
    • 2012 Oy Moonway Ab (founded 1994)

KWH Logistics 140 years


This is the story of KWH Logistics´140 year journey to become Finland´s leading port operator.

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